Privacy Statement

QuadraSite is Adware, not Spyware. This means that although it is funded by advertising, it does so in an honest and above-board way.  QuadraSite does not require you to fill in registration forms, personal details, e-mail addresses, or any other personal information.

When an advert is served to your QuadraSite browser it is no different to the hundreds of adverts you will be served browsing any number of websites on the web.  Your IP. address might be stored on the server for causes of counting page impressions and clicks.  Your web usage will not be tracked.  The AdServer may sometimes deploy a cookie.  Again, this is no different to standard web advertising and is not intended to interfere with your browsing.

Using the advanced search features sends no information to When you enter a search the effect is identical to if you were to go to the search engine homepage, enter your query and click search.

It is our firm intention to make QuadraSite the best browser we can. We intend to do that the only way we know, by working hard and giving the user what they want. Until someone asks us to start spying on them (never) we won’t do it.