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QuadraSite Release History

05/02/04 - QuadraSite 4.0c
The first public release of QuadraSite. 

20/02/04 - QuadraSite 4.0d
Second release with the following fixes and patches.

[Bug Fixes]

- Hitting return on some forms was causing browser one to refresh. (FIXED)

- Popunder windows were getting past Popup Prison when QuadraSite was closed (FIXED)

- In compare mode, with the address bars hidden, with horizontal comparison, if Favorites were shown they appeared slightly too high on the screen (FIXED)

- If you pressed backspace to go back and the pane that had focus couldn't go back the next window would. (FIXED)

- Closing QuadraSite whilst downloading a file canceled the download.  (FIXED)


- People were unsure when they were on a secure site. Now if you are on a secure site then the text on the focus button for that pane goes red. Also the Tooltip for the button has *** SECURE *** before and after the URL.

- The Advert panes have been switched over. This only applies to people running at greater than 1024x768 resolution. No more space is taken up with ads, it just seemed tidier to reverse their order.

- Even quicker navigation (!). If you hold ALT and click with the left mouse button in one of the browser panes you will go straight to Classic view on that pane. Repeating the procedure returns to QuadView.

- Using a mousewheel to scroll one of the browser panes will now scroll the window that is under the mouse cursor.

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