Top Tips!

QuadraSite is easy to use, and beginners have no problems picking it up. After using it for a while, you will find that it is even more powerful than you ever imagined. Here are some top tips from the development team and beta testers.

- Zoom function:  If you find your screen is too cluttered in QuadView turn on the zoom option. In the option page there is a button to turn it on, then two options: one for QuadView and one for Classic View. Make the text tiny on QuadView and you can see a lot more information.

- Circle browse:  Open one page and start reading.  If you see a link you might like, drag it to the focus button for the next pane clockwise. When you are done with this page move on and your next page is waiting for you!

- Compare View for search results:  Get a page of search results in Classic View. Hold <ctrl> and click on a different browser focus button to enter compare View. Drag links from the Search page to the other page.  You will find that you can see enough of the page to decide if you have found a good result even at low resolutions.

- Store a page using the Popup Prison:  If all four panes are full of information you don’t want to lose just yet use the right click ‘open in new window’ option. QuadraSite treats this as a popup so your new page URL is caught and stored in the popup prison button ready for when you want it.

- Clone on a map page: Some online map sites allow you to zoom in and out of their maps.  Use Clone to get four versions of the map page and then navigate to different scales.

- It’s not just about webpages:  You can view you local disk structure by entering file://c:/ or similar into the Address bar.  You can also view .pdfs (If you have the Adobe pdf viewer), you can drop music or video files on a pane, or word documents, excel, documents.  You can use QuadraSite for lots of different things.  Give it a go.

- Want to see where a link goes before clicking it:  To save on screen space QuadraSite doesn’t have a status bar the displays link destinations. You can however see a link without opening it. First off if you have popup prison on you can right click and do ‘open in new window’. Popup Prison gets the url of a popup without opening the page so you are still safe.  A better method yet is to drag the link and drop it on one of the address bars. It will then show the full link. If you want to follow it just hit enter and it will open in that pane.

- Filling the Quadlink: If you only have 3 pages you want to save as a QuadLink, make the fourth pane Google or Turbo10. That way you have immediate access to a search engine that opens quickly.

We will keep this page updated as new ideas surface so do check back from time to time.  Also, if you have any great tips of your own e-mail us at  Let us know if you want credit for the tip or wish to remain anonymous.