Launch, Clone and Print

Here is an explanation of some of the less-used buttons in QuadraSite.

- Sometimes you may want to perform a function that is not available in QuadraSite.  The first thing to check is to right click on the page in question. Some functions are available only through the standard Internet Explorer context menu. (Such as View Source and Page Properties)

- If that doesn’t work, don’t worry! Focus on the pane of interest in Classic View. Then click on the ‘Launch’ button.  This is on the Navigation bar to the right of the Popups button.  This opens a new instance of Internet Explorer with the same page you were just looking at in it. From there you will be able to perform all the standard Internet Explorer functions.  The most obvious one is the ability to save a page.  If you find you are having to do this often then let us know by e-mailing  We will be continuing to develop QuadraSite and will add the most requested feature first.

With a single webpage focused a couple of other functions are also available.

- Clicking on the ‘Print’ button (to the right of the Launch button on the Navigation bar) will open the standard Windows print dialog.


- Clicking on Clone’ (Underneath the focus buttons) will take the currently viewed page and open copies of it in the other three panes.  This is great if you get to an index page and want to browse off in four different directions.