Search Features

QuadraSite has a single search interface that offers three distinct ways to search the web. This tutorial will show you each of them working.

- Start in QuadView

- Click on theSearch’ button on the Navigation bar.  This opens the search dialog box. If you have not disabled it the box will be quite large and have instructions for each of the search methods.

- We are going to learn how to use all of the features in the Search box using this tutorial so let’s start by clicking on ‘Hide Help’ by the close button.  If you ever want the help back just click ‘Show Help’.

- The first and most basic search is a single engine search.  Enter a search query. A good safe test might be the name of the town where you live.

- Select a search engine from the drop-down box. Now click on one of the buttons numbered 1 - 4.  The search engine will open will open in the corresponding pane with your search query already input. Try selecting a few different engines and pointing them at different panes. This is a powerful way of creating a custom search.

- Next click on ‘Search Using Favorite Engines’. This will open the four search engines that are selected as your favorites in the options panel with the query you input. This is a good quick way to get lots of search results.

- The final search feature is QuadLuck.  This is our personal favorite!  When you click on ‘QuadLuck’ QuadraSite opens a Google search ‘invisibly’ and takes the top four search results and opens them in your four panes. Give it a try.

- Now click ‘QuadLuck’ again. The next four results from Google are opened!  This is a really powerful way to search the web for people using broadband connections.

- Now close the search window. You should have four results opened from the QuadLuck search you just performed.  Hold <ALT> and click on the ‘Search’ button.  This gets your next four QuadLuck results! You can keep on doing this until Google runs out of results!

Please note that QuadLuck is a blind search, so you may get questionable sites opening. or worse. Whilst QuadLuck is very powerful it is worth using cautiously, especially if the search query is dangerous. In lines with out standard EULA agreement users browse entirely at there own risk. Don’t enter a search query like ‘virus nuke spyware hack’ and click QuadLuck.  You have been warned!