QuadLinks (if you read nothing else read this!)

The core feature of QuadraSite is the ability to save a single link to four webpages.  This is really easy to do!

- First let’s see a QuadLink working.  The QuadLink treeview is in the middle of the right hand side of the screen. In a moment click on one that takes your fancy.  Doing so will navigate away from this page, so be prepared to hit the ‘Basic Tutorials’ QuadLink to get back here.  OK, give it a try.

- By selecting a QuadLink you were taken to the four webpages that it stores.  Note that if you were in ‘Classic View’ viewing just this page, QuadraSite would not automatically switch to QuadView; the other three webpages would open in the background.

- Now let’s make a QuadLink of our own. If you have several Favorites stored we will use those, otherwise enter the URLs into the address bars. Navigate the four panes to the four pages you want to store as a QuadLink.  Then click the ‘Add...’ button that is above the QuadLink treeview.  In the box that pops up enter a name for your QuadLink, and optionally pick a folder to put it in. Then click OK and your link is stored. You will then need to  to return to this page (use the ‘Back’ button).

- Now let’s edit a QuadLink.  Click the ‘Edit’ button above the QuadLink treeview.  (Note that you do not need to have opened a QuadLink to edit it).  In the box that opens select the QuadLink you just created. By selecting the QuadLink the options to ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’ or ‘Move’ it are enabled.

- Click on ‘Edit’. In this screen you can change the links, or the name of the QuadLink.

The last thing we need to do for the Tutorial is setup your homepages.

- First let’s see where the Homepages are stored.  Click on the ‘Options’ button (To the left of ‘Help’ on the Navigation bar). Here you can see your four homepages, your four favorite search engines, and your other options for how QuadraSite should be configured when you start.

- For now we won’t change the homepages here. Instead go back to the main window of QuadraSite. Navigate the four panes to the pages you want to load when QuadraSite is started. (We recommend having a search engine as one of your homepages).  Then click on the ‘Add...’ button for QuadLinks. This time instead of entering a name click on the button ‘Set as home’ with a House icon. That is it.

- Click on Home to check that your entries have been saved properly.

Thanks for taking the basic tutorial.  There is also a QuadLink for Advanced Tutorials.  For now you have everything you need to know to enjoy QuadraSite.  Check them out when you feel ready for more.