Dragging and Dropping (Including Popup Prison)

You can speed up your browsing in QuadraSite by using the advanced dragging and dropping features.

- Go to Classic view on this page by clicking on the ‘3’ button in the top right of the screen.

- Drag this link www.google.com and drop it on to button ‘1’. You should see the little green QuadraSite icon in the very top right hand corner spinning.  This means that a page is loading. There is a spinner for each of the panes.

- Click on ‘All’ to go to QuadView.  Google should now have opened in pane 1.

- In the top left of the screen on the navigation bar are sets of forwards and backwards arrows.  There is one pair per pane. Find the back arrow for pane 1 and click it to navigate back to the tutorial page. (It is the top left most button)

- Now, still in QuadView drag this link www.bbc.co.uk to one of the other panes.

- If you haven’t tried it yet, open the favorites view and drag some favorites onto the panes. This way you can quickly build groups of your four favorites sites.

Popup Prison

One of the biggest problems with having multiple websites open (using any browser) is the potential to run in to lots of annoying popup ads. To combat this, QuadraSite implements the innovative Popup Prison system.

- The Popup Prison is turned on and off by toggling the Popup button on the navigation bar.  If the ball to the left of ‘Popup’ is red then popups are caught. If it is green, popups will be allowed to open as normal.

- To simulate a popup opening right-click on this link:
www.dilbert.com.  Select ‘open in new window’.

- If Popup Prison is switched on then you should hear a quiet beep (if you have a sound card), and the bottom left of the four white boxes in the top right of the screen should go red. There is one cell for each of the panes. The most recent popup caught trying to pop from a pane will be the one put in the cell.

- Hover the mouse pointer over the cell. The tooltip that appears will show the address of the caught popup.

- To open the Popup in Internet Explorer as a new window just click on the cell and it is released. However, if you want to keep your desktop clear of multiple browser windows you can click and drag the caught popup and drop it on either the focus buttons or a pane as with any other link.

Please note that many people have gotten used to using ‘open in new window’ as how they browse the net. We don’t want to force people to change. If you hold <CTRL> then the Popup catcher will be momentarily disabled.  This way you can be protected by the Popup Prison but still open selected links as you choose. (Do give dragging and dropping a go though, it really is very cool!)

- Finally, the web is home to several programmers and hackers and as quick as a popup blocker is written a new way to get round it is found. QuadraSite stops most internet popups, and we will continue to improve the technology with future releases.  For extra protection use a third party popup stopper.  If it is compatible with Internet Explorer it should work with QuadraSite.