Controlling the Toolbars

QuadraSite has a flexible layout to let you use more of the screen to view websites when necessary.

- On the main toolbar there is a button with an @ sign and Address on it. Click on it. This button toggles the Address bar for the panes.  In QuadView you get an address bar for each pane, but in Classic View there is only one.

- While you are here try typing an address into the address bar for pane 1.  The input is predictive and will drop down with a list of options for any recently viewed sites. When you have the address put in the bar you can click on the -> button or hit return to navigate to that site.

- To the left of the Address button is a button for Internet Favorites. Click on that now. It will open your standard Internet Explorer favorites in a bar down the left of the screen.  Notice how the panes have resized to compensate for this.

- Go to QuadView and click on a favorite.  This will open in pane 1. If you are in Classic View the favorite would open in the pane you are focused on.

- You can also drag a favorite and drop it on any four of the panes, and it will open in that one.  Try dragging a favorite and dropping it on pane 3 (The bottom left one).

- Finally there is a button that will hide the Navigation Toolbar.  This button is in the top right hand corner of the screen, to the left of the four white boxes.  Click on it to toggle showing the Navigation bar on and off.

- Click on the ‘Home’ button to reset all the tutorial windows and then move on to pane 3.