Welcome to QuadraSite (start here)

QuadraSite is a new type of Internet browser, that offers four browsers in one program. If you are reading this message then you have probably just installed QuadraSite for the first time. Read on to find out how to get going.

Getting Started

Whenever you start QuadraSite the default view will show all four browser panes at once. This is know as QuadView.

- Try clicking on the button with ‘1’ on it in the top right hand corner of the screen. (or you can press <Alt + 1>.

(The ‘1’ button may have ‘1 quadras’ on it.  This is an option that displays the domain of the website that is open. So www.google.com would be ‘2 google’ etc. All the buttons currently have quadras on because they are all part of the www.quadrasite.com website).

- If you did that correctly you will now only see this webpage.  Viewing a single pane is called Classic View.  To return to QuadView mode click the ‘All’ button, or press <Alt + A>.


- Try focusing on the other four panes by clicking their buttons, or doing <Alt + 2>, <Alt + 3> or <Alt + 4>.

- The other view mode available is Compare View.  Focus on this pane by clicking the ‘1’ button. This page should now fill the whole screen.  Now hold down the <CTRL> key and click on ‘2’ or one of the other buttons.

- Now you should see this pane in the top half of the screen, and the other pane in the bottom half.

- Underneath the focus buttons there is a button called Clone (We will come to that in the advanced tutorials) and a button that shows a box divided horizontally.  Click that button.

- Now the Compare View is set to compare websites side by side.

Congratulations. Move on to pane 2 to continue the training.