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Got a problem?

If you are having a problem with QuadraSite this is what you should do:

1 - Read the FAQ.  It is constantly maintained and has answers to many common (and some less common) problems.

2 - Check the Forums.  The chances are that someone has come across your problem before. If so the solution might well be in the forums.

3 - Post in the Forums.  If you canít find a satisfactory solution to your problem then leave a post in the appropriate forum.  You will need to register to post in the forums. Problems posted in the forums will get top priority.

4 - If all else fails, or if your problem is serious enough (i.e. about to wipe the internet), e-mail support@quadrasite.com
Even then you should still post your problem in the appropriate forum.

To maintain QuadraSite as a free product it is necessary to keep our staff overheads to a minimum. This means it may not always be possible to respond to problems and queries immediately. We will try to provide the best service we can!

Tutorial Pages

QuadraSite has two four-part tutorials.  If you are running QuadraSite you can see them by clicking on either Basic Tutorials or Advanced Tutorials.

They can also be viewed individually using these links:

Tutorial 1 : Getting Started
Tutorial 2 :
Controlling toolbars
Tutorial 3 :
ĎDrag and Dropí and Popup Prison
Tutorial 4 :
Tutorial 5 :
Search Features
Tutorial 6 :
Launch, Clone and Print
Tutorial 7 :
Keyboard Shortcuts
Tutorial 8 :
Top Tips

Want to help QuadraSite?

If you enjoy using QuadraSite and want to help this is what you can do:

1 - TELL YOUR FRIENDS! QuadraSite is designed to be the right browser for a very large number of people. The more people use it the more money we can make from advertising, and thus the quicker we can add improvements.

2 - Provide feedback and comments. These can be posted in the Forums for everyone to see, or sent to feedback@quadrasite.com.  Nice comments will be put on the homepage from time to time, so if you wish to remain anonymous let us know when you make your comment.

3 - If you have an idea on how QuadraSite can be improved then please post it in the Feature Requests forum. Given the volume of e-mail we receive it would be a shame to lose a good idea.

4 - Finally, if QuadraSite really impresses you then you can make a donation via PayPal.  PayPal offer secure online transactions with all major credit cards.

Donate using PayPal

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