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Advanced web browsing

QuadraSite offers a fully integrated Drag and Drop environment.  This includes the following features that really speed up your web browsing.

1 - Drag and Drop between panes.  Drag a link from a webpage in one pane and drop it on another.  This opens the link in the target pane. In QuadView this allows the user to quickly go to three pages from one index page.

2 - Drag and Drop onto buttons.  Drag a link and drop it on a focus button.  This link will then open in that pane.  When looking at a single page you can easily open links in the other panes; when you go to them the page is already loaded.

3 - Drag an Internet Explorer Favorite onto a pane.  This is the quickest way to build QuadLinks.  Just drag the favorites you require onto the separate panes in QuadView and then click ‘Add...’ to save your QuadLink.

4 - Popup Prison.  If you choose to block popups in QuadraSite they are caught, not destroyed.  You can check the address of a caught popup and release it if you wish.  An indicator for each pane shows that a popup is caught. The icon to the left shows that popups have been caught in panes 3 and 4.

Faster web navigation

Getting around the web quickly is what QuadraSite is all about.  At the very core of this are QuadLinks.

1 - QuadLinks - Four favorites in one link. A QuadLink is an internet favorite that stores four URLs in one file. This means that you can open groups of your favorite websites with fewer clicks.

2 - QuadLinks - Speeding up the daily checks.  Many people have regular internet habits, a group of pages they like to check before the day starts.  By grouping these into QuadLinks it is so much easier to get the repetitive part of browsing the web out of the way.

3 - QuadLinks - Four times the choice.  Sometimes your interest in a particular website is split between several pages. In a standard browser you would add a Favorite to the homepage and navigate from there each time you wanted to check something out. With a QuadLink you can store the four pages that interest you most.

4 - QuadLinks - Groups that you choose. Planning a trip? Well why not have a QuadLink that opens a map page, a weather page, a list of hotels and the current exchange rate? You can choose any four websites to make your QuadLink.


Simple Interface

The other key design choice for QuadraSite is its simple clear interface.

1 - No drop-down menus - Features are not hidden. Where possible everything can be done in a single click.

2 - Reduced feature set - Less is most definitely more.  Rather than trying to beat the other browsers out there by adding complex and baffling features, QuadraSite is designed to be easy and intuitive to use.  Most functions you would ever want for browsing are available in a clear simple layout.  If you need to use any features not in QuadraSite there is a button that will launch Internet Explorer with the currently viewed webpage. You really do get the best of both worlds.

Miscellaneous Features

QuadraSite has lots of extra features that are best discovered by trying it out.

You can Clone a webpage, making four exact copies of it. You can print out pages, add and organize IE Favorites, drag and drop text onto the address bars, change font size dependent on view mode... In other words, QuadraSite has a lot to offer!

There is a new Flash demonstration that shows QuadraSite in action.  Check it out.

Flash Demonstration

If you want to get a quick idea of how QuadraSite might help improve your browsing try out our small movie made using Macromedia Flash.  It is about 800 kb so is not recommended for people using 56k modems.

Click here to view the movie.

Enhanced web searching

QuadraSite implements several new ways of searching the web for information, each designed to get you to the information you require quicker. All the features are available from a simple search dialog.

1 - QuadSearch.  You can tell QuadraSite your four favorite search engines. Then, when you perform a QuadSearch you are taken directly to the results pages from your favorite search engines. You get four times the results with only one click!

2 - QuadLuck.  Enter a query and hit QuadLuck and you never even see the search results - instead the top four results for your search (as returned by a Google search) are opened in your four panes. If they aren’t what you are looking for, then click QuadLuck again to get the next four results.

3 - Single Search.  Pick a search engine (from a choice of 16), enter a query and then click to get the results of the search in the pane of you choice.  Again, the results are presented directly.

Flexible web browsing

Everyone browses the web in a different way. QuadraSite is based on the concept of providing the maximum freedom to the user, allowing you to choose what your look at and how you look at it.  To this end QuadraSite implements:

1 - QuadView.  Any four websites displayed on one page

2 - Compare View.  View two pages side by side or one above the other for easy comparison of data

3 - Classic View.  Viewing one webpage just as you would in a standard browser. Switching between any of these views is only ever one click.

Around these different ways of looking at the web, QuadraSite provides a flexible interface.  The toolbars are easily hidden, dedicating the maximum viewing area to the websites you are interested in.

1 - Hide/Show Navigation toolbar. This has all the standard web controls, such as forward, back, home etc.

2 - Hide/Show Address bar. The address bar contains the URL of the currently viewed website. Unless you are entering a new URL, it can be hidden.

3 - Hide/Show Internet Favorites. QuadraSite can open your Internet Explorer favorites as a vertical bar down the left hand side of the screen.

These simple options combined with the choice of viewing mode provide 360 ways of viewing websites! That is almost one for each day of the year.

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