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Download the latest version of QuadraSite

QuadraSite beta 4.0d (Click here to find the release history)

  • Less than 0.4 Mb (~2 mins using a 56k modem)
  • Windows Version (95, 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP)
  • Full installer with sample links and uninstall feature

Standard Installer
   - 372 Kb
   - Not distributable via e-mail

Zipped Installer
   - 368 Kb
   - Slightly smaller. Ideal for e-mailing to friends

Fully Free to use

  • Not Spyware
  • Not Nagware
  • Not Time Limited
  • Not Function Limited
  • Fully funded by unobtrusive advertising
  • No Popups

System Requirements

Minimum Spec:
Windows 95.  Internet Explorer 5.  56k Modem Connection. 800x600 resolution.

Optimum Spec:
Windows XP, IE 6. Broadband connection.  1024x768 or higher screen resolution.

Beta Statement:

The current release is an Open Beta version. This means it is available to the general public to download and use, but it is not the finished product.  Bugs may persist within the product, and users download and use this software at their own risk.

QuadraSite has already undergone three stages of closed beta testing and has not caused damage or problems to any of the computers used for the testing.  If problems are found it is requested that they are reported in the Forums so that they can be corrected as soon as possible.

The most notable omissions from the Beta version are multiple languages and multiple platforms.  A Mac version of QuadraSite is planned for the future, as well as language support for multiple countries.

Even when QuadraSite reaches release status (Rather than Beta) it will continue to develop for the users, adding features and functions as requested.  Requests should be posted in the Forums on this website.

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