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Why is there advertising in QuadraSite?

QuadraSite is a commercial venture.  The browser market is dominated by a few big players and so getting a foothold requires not just a great product, but a great price.  Prices donít get much better than free!

It is important to note that QuadraSite is not spyware.  QuadraSite is Adware, the same as television programs are sponsored by advertising.  Unlike television, QuadraSite only loads an advert once every 30 minutes.

How advertising works in QuadraSite

Advertising in QuadraSite is very different to advertising on a webpage.

A single advert is loaded when the user starts their browser and it stays on the screen and visible as long as they are still browsing.  The advert is only refreshed after 30 minutes of browsing time. This way their bandwidth is not wasted, and the advert is given maximum exposure. 

Users running at higher than 1024x768 resolution will also see some text links under the main advert panel.

The size and position of the adverts is designed to be unobtrusive. We feel annoying potential customers with flashing adverts or popups is counter productive.

You can find out more about our privacy and advertising guidelines by reading here.
<Privacy Statement> <Advertising Guidelines>

Benefits of advertising with QuadraSite

  • Persistent advertising - that is on screen as long as the user is browsing.
  • Link to four webpages in one advert - Because all the users looking at your advert will be using QuadraSite, you can open four target windows for one click.
  • GeoTargetting - display adverts only to users in your country of choice
  • Advanced AdServer - run campaigns based on cost per click or cost per impression billing model.  Target times or dates. Prevent multiple repeat viewings.
  • Detailed and Accurate Statistics - get e-mailed reports of your campaign statistics, or request a username and password to view your statistics online.
  • Pricing

    QuadraSite will offer an attractive pricing model. However, we will only launch paid advertising after the full release, at which time we will announce this pricing model.

    We can say that our pricing will be very competitive.  If your company would like to advertise with us then please email us at advertise@quadrasite.com and we will gladly answer any questions.

    If you are a webmaster interested in a reciprocal banner exchange please e-mail us at advertise@quadrasite.com

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