QuadraSite Glossary

QuadraSite introduces some new words and phrases into the Internet dictionary. Here they are explained briefly along with some technical words.

Address Bar : The text box above a browser pane that shows the URL of the current webpage.
Adware : Software that is funded by Advertising in a fair and honest way.
Beta : A stage in software development.  A Beta stage product is generally one that is feature complete but perhaps lacks some of the polish of a full release version. 
Classic View : Having a single webpage filling the entire work area of QuadraSite.
Compare View : Having two websites visible, each sharing half of the work area.  This can be divided either horizontally or vertically.
Drag and Drop : The act of holding a mouse button down whilst moving a link, then releasing the mouse button when the pointer is over the intended target.
Focus Buttons : The buttons in the top right corner of QuadraSite that are used to change between Classic View and QuadView, and that give the ‘focus’ to one of the pane.
Nagware : Software that has popup messages asking the user to register/donate/upgrade etc.  QuadraSite is NOT nagware.
Navigation Bar : The primary control bar that runs across the top of the screen. It contains standard web controls such as Back, Forward, Stop and Refresh.
Newbie : Internet speak for someone who is new to a topic.
Pane : A single quadrant of the QuadView.
Popup Prison : The name given to the popup blocker/catcher built into QuadraSite.
QuadBrowsing : The act of surfing four webpages simultaneously.
QuadLink : A file that when opened with QuadraSite navigates to four separate webpages.
QuadLuck : An invisible search mode where the user is taken to webpages that are answers to their search query, without ever seeing the search engine website.
QuadSearch : A search that submits your search Query with your four favorite search engines, thus returning four times the results.
QuadView : The view mode in QuadraSite when four webpages are visible and each has a quarter of the workspace.
Spyware : Software that tries to steal personal information from a user and return it to the creator. Also software that installs hidden components that allow the creator to hack into the PC or present unwanted popup adverts.  Some even change your homepages etc. QuadraSite is NOT spyware.
URL : The address of a webpage.