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How People Use QuadraSite

Describing what QuadraSite does in general terms has proved difficult. Instead, this section describes how some people use QuadraSite to simplify, speed up and improve their browsing.

eBay User - ‘I buy and sell antique jewellry on eBay. When QuadraSite starts I have the ‘my eBay’ open in pane 1.  In panes two and three I show the jewellry and watches category with ‘New Today’ and ‘going, going, gone’.  Pane 4 I have google in case I want to go browsing elsewhere.  If an item interests me I drag it into pane 4 and it opens there. I can check through all the new additions in the category in a fraction of the time I used to.’

Online Banker - ‘I do all my banking online.  I also buy and sell shares as a hobby.  I have a QuadLink set up that takes me to the four banks I use daily.  I can check through them all very swiftly. Another QuadLink takes me to my share site.  I have my portfolio open, and an online share ticker with the latest prices. In pane 3 I have my trading forums where I can discuss trading with other investors.  The remaining window I use to do research on shares I am considering buying.  It is great to have all that power at my fingertips!’

Researcher - ‘I always had at least 3 Internet Explorer windows open, trying to get all the angles on the latest news stories. Not only do I find QuadraSite cleans my desktop, but the search features mean I spend less time trawling through page after page of results.’

Let us know how you use QuadraSite by emailing us at feedback@quadrasite.com

Introduction to QuadraSite

QuadraSite is an everyday Internet browsing companion tool.  By this we mean that you can use QuadraSite to improve your Internet experience on a daily basis, both in terms of speed of reaching information and the ease of doing so.

We call QuadraSite a companion product as it is designed to work alongside your standard browser.  If you want to just look at a single page on the Internet then a simple classic browser will work just fine. It is when you are seeking information or following links around the web that QuadraSite really shows its power.

We don’t believe that people should be forced to pick a single browser for all their web activities, which is why QuadraSite does not change any of your standard Internet properties or register itself as the default browser.

QuadraSite is based on Internet Explorer technology. This means that any improvements that Microsoft program into the Internet Explorer engine will automatically be inherited into QuadraSite.

Having Doubts?

Is QuadraSite simple to use?

Yes! When viewing a single website QuadraSite resembles a standard browser.  Viewing multiple websites is easy thanks to a clear interface using regular Windows controls.

Will QuadraSite hijack my PC?

No!  QuadraSite does not replace your default browser. It does not alter your Internet connection files, and it comes with an uninstaller to completely remove it from your system.  QuadraSite is Adware, not Spyware.

Are my kids safe using QuadraSite?

Yes! QuadraSite uses the Internet Explorer engine so all IE plug-ins and settings are inherited directly.  At no point will the Advert window in QuadraSite display adult (pornographic) images.

If this has answered your queries then go to the Download page to get QuadraSite.

If you are still unsure then either go to the complete FAQ or browse the forums and see what other users have to say.

Benefits of using QuadraSite

  • Store links to groups of four webpages

    Create QuadLinks.  These are similar to internet favorites, but they take you to four pages instead of one.

  • Compare data from different sites side by side

    Check prices at different online stores to find bargains.

  • Open multiple copies of one site

    By using the clone button, whatever page you are looking at is duplicated four times. From there you can browse in different directions from each clone.

  • Browse faster

    These days the bottleneck in Internet browsing is seldom the users PC or connection.  By having four webpages open at any one time you can read one page whilst another is loading.

  • Find information quicker
  • Advanced search features allow you to go straight to the results of your search, or get results from up to four different search engines.

    The best way to find out about QuadraSite is to try it.  Click here to take the QuadraSite 4 Minute Challenge!

    If you want to find out more go to the features page.

    Is QuadraSite really free?

    There is no charge for downloading or using QuadraSite.  There was a considerable investment in programming and supporting QuadraSite. We decided the fairest way to recover those costs and fund future development is by advertising.

    Sponsors pay QuadraSite for the right to display their adverts in the advert panel. The panel is small and we have guidelines as to what can and can’t be advertised.  Also we like to stress that QuadraSite is not spyware. We don’t require people to enter personal details and we do not target our advertising to specific individuals (With the exception of GeoTargetting which is country specific advertising).

      We are investigating other revenue streams, but our intention is keep QuadraSite as a free product.

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