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QuadraSite Internet Browser for Windows

  • Introduces QuadBrowsing, the ability to browse four websites at once.
  • Faster Internet Browsing
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Advanced search facilities
  • Secure - Based on Internet Explorer technology
  • Completely Free to use

Get the latest version of QuadraSite in a small download package with full uninstall features

Introduction to QuadraSite

QuadraSite is an innovative tool for browsing the Internet.  It allows you to view four websites simultaneously, compare two side by side, or zoom in on a particular site of interest. These options are demonstrated by the screenshots below.

There is a flash demonstration available that shows some of the key features in QuadraSite.  It is about 800kb so is not recommended for people on 56k modems.  Alternatively you can find out more by going to the features page.


Compare View

Classic View

Click on one of the screenshots above to see it enlarged.

Four times the power

  • Store links to groups of four webpages
    Speed up your regular surfing with four homepages and unlimited QuadLinks - Links that open four webpages with one click.
  • View four webpages at once
    Spend less time going back and forth between sites.
  • Search four search engines simultaneously
    Get four times the results on your query from search engines you choose.
  • Send Popups to Popup Prison
    Popups can be blocked before they are opened and viewed later if desired.

    view a complete list of
  • News

    New Rolling Demo

    From the feedback we have been receiving we have discovered that people are finding it hard to understand how QuadraSite is different from other browsers, and how it can help them.  Check out our new Flash demonstration to see QuadraSite in action.

    QuadraSite is Secure

    The question most frequently asked so far about QuadraSite is if it is secure. It is based on Internet Explorer so has all the inbuilt security from that, as well as benefitting from Microsoft’s frequent updates.

    QuadraSite Open Beta launch

    Thursday the 5th of February sees the Launch of the open beta version of QuadraSite.  This is the first version available to the public.  Read the Press Release here.

    Take the Four Minute Challenge

    It takes less than four minutes to go from a complete QuadraSite newbie to a fully installed user.  Give it a try!

    Tucows - 5 Cows

    FileTransit - 5 Stars

    softcities - 5 Stars


    “QSite makes the web feel four times faster!”
    -Mark (Win95)

    “Now all I need is eight eyes!”
    -Al (NY)

    It is fantastic, even on my arcane 56k connection
    -Chaz (UK)

    this is so much quicker! I am so glad I bothered to try QS
    -Ian (Win98)

    Quotes will be added as they become available. Why not
    tell us what you think of QuadraSite?

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    Press Quotes

    “Very cool product.. very nice site”

    “It really is very, very cool.”
    Tim Johnson

    Extra press quotes will be added here as they become available.


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